What’s your free hot chocolate?

Last week, I walked past a stand giving free hot chocolate.

Too sweet a deal to pass on, I asked for a cup expecting Swiss Miss inside. What came next was maybe the best hot chocolate I’d ever had. Definitely the best I’d had in years, home made with fresh ingredients and filled to the brim.

I looked up to notice they were also selling cookies. ‘Nothing beats dipping a cookie in some great hot chocolate’. I bought two cookies & left a much happier person than I had been before my walk.

Reflecting on this experience:

  1. Always have free hot chocolate to give away.
  2. Producing your free hot chocolate should be low-cost, but it should be high in quality and perceived value.
  3. Your free hot chocolate is a reflection of your reputation, ability, and generosity.
  4. Have your cookies next to your free hot chocolate, ready to buy.
  5. Done correctly, your buyers will feel happier and more fulfilled than before they tried your free hot chocolate.

Give hot chocolate –> Sell cookies –> Fulfill yourself & others

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