Want to innovate? Facilitate impactful stories.

The job of any innovation is to facilitate impactful stories.

Everyone is unique, and this applies evenly to our experiences. Particularly with products, businesses, marketing, and innovation.

Though you can put your best effort into pre-determining a specific storyline, or even a set of storylines, innovation occurs when an environment is created for impactful stories tell themselves.

Arm & Hammer didn’t initially advertise their baking soda as a way to keep your fridge fresh. But, as the story created itself, they helped facilitate it and earned a new product-line in the process.

If your emphasis is on serving a specific group of people, aim less to predict their storyline, and more to assist & improve it.

Pillars of an environment which facilitates impactful stories:

  • Exceptional service
  • Frictionless interfaces
  • Limitless education
  • Transparency
  • Devotion to crowdsourcing feedback
  • Constant improvement
  • A journey-driven mindset

Stick to these pillars and your product can become an innovation.

Build –> Innovate –> Fulfill yourself & others

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