Transparency-first, progress next.

Life is much easier when you’re an open book. Honest, intent, transparent.

The same applies in business. When your business is completely open with how it’s performing, operating, and growing, everything becomes much easier.

A few by-products of transparency:

  • Trust
  • Support
  • Fandom
  • The ability to crowdsource live feedback
  • A story that tells itself
  • A brand that feels human
  • A community who learns & takes inspiration from you

The most impactful way I’ve seen a transparency-first approach executed is through transparency reports.

Every quarter, write down what your goals were, how you performed, and what you’re planning to do next. Product roadmaps fit in nicely to this, too. Once you’re done, take it live and share. Email your lists, put a banner on your homepage announcing it, open the floor for comments.

It may feel hard in the moment, but your transparency will pay for itself.

Share –> Iterate –> Fulfill yourself & others

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