The art of the question.

One of the first things I learned studying anthropology: 90% of good answers come from good questions.

Whether it’s in something you’re creating, your daily interactions, or both, asking the right questions (and a lot of them) will always yield better results.

When someone wants you to do something, ask them exactly how they want it done. When someone tells you they don’t like your product, ask them what they specifically don’t like about it.

Get an answer, then follow up with more questions. Keep following up until you know everything you possibly can. Then, follow through.

In the moment, it’ll raise eyebrows to most. Your intelligence will be questioned. People will think you’re messing with them. If you’re with friends, they’ll call you weird.

Committing to the art of the question will feel unusual at first. But, you’ll grow to love it. Because, your results will begin to speak for themselves.

Having the right answers is knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power can be exchanged for fulfillment in yourself and others.

Ask questions –> Deliver answers –> Fulfill yourself & others

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