Projects designed to keep me fulfilled.

My journey began in college when I launched a business to help pay off my student loans. Soon after, I became obsessed with digital strategy, content marketing, web design, and customer experience.
Lime Maids

My first business. A home cleaning platform devoted to keeping Vermont’s homes clean. Currently expanding to Rhode Island & the surrounding New England area.


A done-for-you service creating, managing, and promoting monthly contest marketing campaigns for online businesses. Though I decided to quit this project, it was an incredible learning process along the way.


My quickest project. A website that connects podcast hosts with people who want to be on podcasts. Made with love in six hours as part of my Startup Speedrun.

Jasper Flour

My favorite way to help. When I’m not building out my own projects, I’m working with others to help build theirs as a digital marketing & web consultant. Think you could use my help?