Marketers: the value translators.

Marketers are the value translators of any innovation.

Repurposing what the entrepreneur has built, and the designer has characterized, into a digestible & transferrable message.

Some defining components of weak vs. strong value translators:

  • Weak value translators are confusing, long-winded, and monolingual
    • Confusing = Translating the wrong details in the wrong places at the wrong time for the wrong people.
    • Long-winded = Translating too many details while using complex jargon and buzzwords.
    • Monolingual = Translating for an audience with a singular & rigid journey.
  • Strong value translators are clear, concise, and multilingual
    • Clear = Translating the right ideas in the right places at the right time for the right people.
    • Concise = Translating only what matters with simplicity.
    • Multilingual = Translating for an audience with different, elastic journeys.

Depending on the skill of the marketer, these goals can be accomplished by leveraging and personalizing facets like advertising, copy, and packaging.

Selling, however, is not to be leveraged. Just as it is not the job of any translator, selling is not the job of the marketer.

Build –> Characterize –> Translate

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