Head or heart: which one do you listen to?

Often, the head and the heart are discussed within conflict of each other.

Your head, centered around logic & rationale, may want you to build a successful career. But your heart, centered around passion & intuition wants you to travel the world.

Which one do you listen to?

Truthfully, the most powerful lifestyles, come when the two are working together, not in opposition.

When you only use your head you:

  • Settle on ‘stable’ work.
  • Hate the daily grind, but love vacation.
  • Oppose creativity in fear of isolation.

When you only use your heart you:

  • Struggle financially.
  • Know what you want, but not how to get it.
  • Become a ‘starving artist.’

When you listen to your head & your heart you:

  • Succeed because of your ‘unique’ skillset & background.
  • Have what you need and give what you don’t.
  • Live a life that feels like an endless dream.

Use your heart to tell you what you need to be fulfilled, and your head to make those aspirations possible. Done correctly, you’ll see there’s no reason why you should just listen to one or the other. The two are equally crucial to your fulfillment.

Think ‘yin & yang’, not ‘this or that.’

Listen to your heart –> Use your head –> Fulfill yourself & others

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