Erase friction to foster loyalty.

As someone who gets angrier over little annoyances than actual problems, friction is a nightmare.

For designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, removing friction lies at the core of how you provide value.

Once this point of clarity reaches you, things begin to disappear:

  • Pushy popups
  • Countdown timers
  • Aggressive sales emails

What replaces them?

  • Help centers
  • Educational content & resources
  • Customer success teams

Sure, some friction-loaded tactics get short-term results, but the loyalty doesn’t stick. If the pre-purchase experience is packed with friction, odds are the post-purchase experience is, too.

Prioritize reducing friction first. The loyalty, word-of-mouth, and satisfaction you’ve been chasing will follow suit.

Reduce friction –> Prioritize positive experiences –> Fulfill yourself & others

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