You don’t control the narrative.

A common mistake people commit in marketing anything is assuming they control the narrative. While marketers can help nurture the acceptance of a narrative, they have no ability to control it. As a matter of fact, in almost all cases, no one has this power. It is one specifically reserved for the culture to wield. […]

Losing focus?

If you’re struggling to focus, it may not be because your mind is flawed, but because you don’t feel attached to what you’re working on. An easy way to find out what you’re predisposed to be good at? Find out how easy it is you to focus on it. Fast learning is a byproduct of […]

Remembering the fundamentals.

Sometimes when I’m struggling in something I feel skilled in, I like to strip my mind back to the fundamentals. As we gain expertise over time, it becomes easy to feel like the fundamentals have already been mastered. Nonetheless, getting to the next level can sometimes be as simple as reeducating yourself on basic topics. […]

Building a staircase.

A staircase without steps wouldn’t just be an oxymoron, it’d also be impossible to walk up. The same goes with any ambition. Rather than starting with the peak goal, make some steps. Build a staircase. Suddenly, walking to the top is possible.

Be happy, today.

If you’re not enjoying the road to your goal, you’re likely on the wrong path. Simply put: don’t sacrifice your enjoyment today for the prospect of a better life tomorrow. Of course, there are always challenges we need to face before moving forward. But, if these challenges are sucking the life out of you, they […]

Seek boredom.

As we all grow closer to the internet, boredom has become less common than ever. Though boredom has a negative connotation, I’d argue that my largest peaks in creativity have been a result of it. Rather than using screens as a bandaid for your boredom, try to make the ‘nothing’ right in front of you […]

Offering advice.

Instead of telling someone what they should achieve, try to help them visualize the why behind your advice. Speaking in outcomes helps translate your reasoning (the big picture in your head). If you only provide a task, what you recommend will feel less like help and more like delegation.

Decisions vs. Experiments.

Aim to be an experimenter instead of a decision maker. Decisions are a test of your personal ability. Something that, when questioned, we naturally feel inclined to defend. Experiments are a test of your hypotheses. Hunches with much less emotion and pressure tied to them. When your decision fails, it feels as if you’ve failed. […]

Taking risks.

If your downside is minimal, give your leap a shot and hope to see the upside. Whatever happens, your result will always be less regret and better stories.

Why kids are more creative.

What immediately comes to mind for me? Learning. More-so, the act of nourishing your curiosity. Without meaning to, kids persistently confront what makes them curious. The by-product is more inspiration to pull from, more ideas, more activity, and more playfulness. Rather than sit in a room ruminating away, try to nourish your curiosity. Even if […]